Screen-printed Roll Labels
Custom vinyl decals and vinyl stickers on a roll

The perfect solution when durability is a must and roll labels are needed. is a supplier of high quality custom screen-printed decals on a roll.

When durability, long lasting color and exposure to the weather are a concern, and you must have them on a roll for application reasons,there is no substitute for screen printed roll labels.

Screen-printed Roll Labels are normally supplied with permanent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Temporary adhesive is available at no additional charge, please specify. Choose any of our standard colors for imprinting. Decals are furnished on a roll in quantities of 500 or 1,000.

•   Makes the application of screen-printed decals simple and efficient.
•   Gold and Chrome Polyester are available – call or email for price.
•   As durable as our individually-cut, Screen-printed decals
     with the added benefit of being supplied on a roll!



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Available materials are:

No. 5488 White Vinyl
No. 5498 Yellow Vinyl
No. 5684 Transparent (Face Adhesive)
No. 5688 Transparent (Back Adhesive)

samples of out roll labels which include white vinyl, yellow vinyl and transparent material.

When labeling demands necessitates that your decals or sticker be on a roll, we can do that. We offer three materials for your labeling needs. White Vinyl, Yellow vinyl and Transparent. If you want to place your decals on the inside of glass and be read from the outside, you would need to order No. 5684 face adhesive transparent.

The top three items to the left are printed on white vinyl while the outdoor outfitters and BBS are printed on our yellow vinyl. The Security Patrol Inc. is on our clear transparent material. On transparent decals, stickers, labels on a roll, you must specify if they will be face adhesive or not.

The pricing for all three materials; white vinyl roll labels, yellow vinyl roll labels and clear roll labels are the same and only vary by the size of the roll label you are needing. The below price is for butt-cut labels only. All other shapes will require a die which will be an additional cost as indicated below.


More information about our roll labels, decals on a roll and custom stickers on a roll, please contact customer support.

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