Standard Ink Color
# & Name
Closest PMS Equivalent   Standard Ink Color
# & Name
Closest PMS Equivalent
#10 Primrose Yellow 102 #51 Brilliant Green 369
#12 Medium Yellow 1225 #39 Emerald Green 347
#13 Goldenrod 1235 #55 Pacific Teal 321
#18 Pumpkin Orange 1505 #52 Dark Green 3308
#20 Brilliant Orange 172 #63 Charcoal Black 7C
#27 Pink 203 #62 Medium Gray Cool Gray 8
#26 Rhodamine Red 226 #46 Brown 1545
#19 Fire Red 186 #48 Beige 4685
#17 Scarlet Red 202 #65 Metallic Gold 871
#31 Purple 2603 #35 Metallic Silver 877
#41 Sky Blue 2975 #94 Fluorescent Yellow 803C
#42 Light Blue 299 #96 Fluorescent Orange 804C
#21 Peacock Blue 301 #90 Fluorescent Pink 806C
#22 Ultra Blue 2748 #92 Fluorescent Red 805C
#23 Navy 289 #98 Fluorescent Green 802C
Reflex Blue Reflex Blue Black Black
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The closest PMS match is listed for each standard color for reference. PMS matches for standard colors are approximate and may vary. We cannot guarantee a perfect match to the listed PMS color.

Standard colors not shown include: White and Transparent colors. Colors other than our standard colors will require a color match charge of $30.00 per color. Please specify a color to be matched using a recognized industry color specification system (i.e. Pantone Matching System – PMS). Due to ink formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed.

Ink printed on any background other than white will appear darker than standard color.
For contrast, we recommend that fluorescent inks be used against black or one of our dark standard colors. Additionally, fluorescent inks will fade when exposed to sunlight (timeline varies). We recommend fluorescents for indoor or UV protected use only.

The ink system used for in flexography is not the same as screen printing and the colors will not match exactly. Most Flexo printing is on a white gloss paper. Please keep in mind that printing these inks on a white matte paper or any colored stock will alter the color even more and matching is impossible. Fluorescent and Metallic colors will appear much lighter and less vibrant than what is shown.

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