Gold and Silver Foil Stamped Labels
Custom Thermal foil labels is a supplier of high quality Gold and Silver Thermal Foil-Stamped Labels.

The look of luxury…
Custom Foil-Stamped labels look great at a great price!

Choose Gold or Silver Foil Stamping. Your imprint can be stamped on the following pressure-sensative paper materials: Gloss White, Black, Scarlet Red, Ultra Blue and Dark Green.

Virtually any image can be foil stamped. However, for best results, very fine detail and small copy should be avoided. Reversed copy in foil stamp is not recommended. Labels are supplied in rolls of 500 or 1000 unless determined otherwise by our production facility.

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example of silver stamped foil on black label
No. 3502
1" x ½"
(unwind bottom first)
image of award ribbon with goild stamped foil on dark blue material
No. 3503
1 3/8" x 1 5/8"
picture of custom foil stamped label using gold foil on red self-adhesive material
No. 3504
1 1/4" x 2 1/2"
1" round foil label with green background
No. 3111
1" dia.
(unwind bottom first)
for a real eloquent look use gold stamped foil on gloss white material
No. 3510
1½" x ½"
(unwind bottom first)
example of 50th anniversary silver foil stamped on a dark blue surface
No. 3757
1 3/16 " x 1¼"
(unwind bottom first)
image of red and gold oval label
No. 3252
3/4" x 1½"
(unwind right side first)
No. 3151
1½" x 1½"
(unwind bottom first)
Sample of how to impress your clientele with our 1½" round stamped gold foil on blue custom labels
No. 3061
1½" dia.
(unwind bottom first)
for that classy look, try oul goild foil labels on black 2¾" oval labels
No. 3257
1 3/8" x 2¾"
(unwind right side first)
Sample of custom silver or gold thermal foil-stamped roll label no-3113
No. 3113
2" dia.
(unwind bottom first)
rectangle green label with cumtom imprint using silver foil
No. 3511
1½" x 2½"
(unwind right side first)


For more information about our Gold and Silver Thermal Foil-Stamped Labels, please contact customer support.

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