10 Most Popular Shapes

We have selected our most popular shapes & sizes to make them convenient for you to order and at a very competitive price. is a supplier of high quality flexo printed adhesive labels. When you need an economical way to identify your products, there is no substitute for flexo printed products.


Choose up to six of any of our standard colors for imprint on your round labels. Flexo-printed on pressure-sensitive Yellow Gloss, White Matte, White Gloss, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, and the following fluorescent papers: Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Orange. We use only Black ink on Yellow Gloss and fluorescent papers. Unless otherwise indicated, a White Gloss paper will be used. White Matte must be used when writing or typing is required. Halftones are not recommended on White Matte material. All shapes including square labels and oval labels are supplied in rolls of 500 or 1000 unless determined otherwise by our production department.

If your applications require durability, long lasting color and exposure to the weather, try our line of high quality screen printed vinyl products, Custom Decals and Stickers.

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sample small oval label
No. 5410

¾" x 1½"
(unwinds right side first)
Small labels can be used for many different things. They can be used to personalize a letter/card or it can make for an easy way to add that last touch of detail to something you may be selling. You can personalize it with just about anything so your product will be promoted in its best possible way.
Image  of small rectangle label
No. 5411

¾" x 2"
(unwinds right side first)
When you wrap something up, you need to have something to hold it all together. Instead of boring clear tape, spice it up with a simple, yet eye catching label to keep all your stuff together. With the strong adhesive backing, you will be reassured to know that your customer will receive their product all in one piece.
Picture large oval label
No. 5412

1 3/8" x 2¾"
(unwinds right side first)
It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Announce an upcoming or current event with a decorative label. Stick it on boxes, bags, letters, or brochures. If you want to make sure no one will miss your event, make it huge. Make sure when you order this label, you will want to double, maybe triple your order to make sure no one gets left out.
Image die-cut label
No. 5413

2" dia.
(unwinds bottom first)
To help promote an exciting event, make it SHINE with gold and/or silver foil. The shine from these labels is a sure way to know that your upcoming event will be known by many people. A shiny label can also help you show that special recognition to your employee of the month or for any job well done.
sample 2 inch round label
No. 5414

2" dia.
(unwinds bottom first)
We work “around the clock”. A good way to promote your small or large business is to create a label that people will relate an object to. A stylish design that lets a customer know what it’s all about. Express that special detail about your business with this label so everyone will know the answer to why they should become your customer.
picture large rectangle label
No. 5415

2" x 3"
(unwinds right side first)
BOLD it with nothing better than an oversized announcement. Stick this label on magazines, books, or letters. Let everyone know Who, What, When & Where all the fun starts so no one misses out.
sample large adhesive label
No. 5416

2" x 3"
(unwinds right side first)
Bring in the crowd! With a detailed label that will display your event name, dates and maybe a little bit of special personalized art work. And remember, with the strong adhesive backing, you can place this label on just about any surface so it can be seen everywhere.
picture 3 inch circle label
No. 5417

3" dia.
(unwinds bottom first)
Show them what you got with expressive labels for those special promotions. Have something to show off? Stick the label on the products you are promoting so there are no questions asked, and only sales to ring up.
image medium size rectangular label
No. 5418

3" x 5"
(unwinds right side first)

Hand cramps, pen marks, mess ups, wrong name? These are all negative things about having to sign thousands of letters. With our beautifully created labels, you will have none of these problems. Each label will go on your letters perfectly and clean every time.

Picture of large rectangle style foil label
No. 5419

4" x 3"
(unwinds top first)
A small business can be a large business. All you need are the right tools. With these detailed labels that shimmer and shine, your business will be out and about. Selling product? Stick the label on it. New business? Hand out the label so people will remember it. Just about anything will grab peoples attention, but it has to be the BEST! And here, you can only get the BEST!

For more information about our 10 Most Popular Custom Self-Adhesive Labels printed on high quality pressure sensitive materials contact customer support. We will be more than happy in helping you with design on our oval labels or any other shape. We specialize in all shapes including square labels and rectangle labels. Remember, there is no additional charge for our die-cut #5413 round labels.

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