What is flexographic label printing?


Flexography is a high speed printing process that uses flexible plates made of rubber or plastic. The inked plates have a slightly raised image and are rotated on a cylinder to transfer the image to the substrate.

Rubber plate with raised image rotates on cylinder to transfer image to labels.


The Benefits of Flexo-Printing

• Very economical.

• This system can be well suited for a wide variety of materials including acetate film, plastic, paper, newsprint, and polyethylene.

• In addition to creating full-color materials, most flexographic presses accommodate die cutting and laminating processes to protect the product's final shape and size

• Flexo-Printed materials are paper products and not weather proof, therefore only indoor use is recommended.

• Flexo-Printed inks vary slightly in color from our standard screen printed inks.

Thermal foil-stamped label sample
Sample of embossed labels
sample of custom label printed on silver foil paper
image of an appointment card with removable label
image of 2 inch round custom label
picture or an oval label with standard green printed on a gold foil paper
image of a 3 color rectangular label
sample of butt-cut labels on a roll


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