Embossed Labels
Embossed & Raised Letter Silver & Gold Roll Labels

Labels-USA.com is a supplier of high quality Gold Embossed Labels and Silver Embossed Roll Labels.

Ideal for Promotions, Gift Items & Awards.

Embossed graphics are on either Silver or Gold Foil Paper. To enhance detail, you may choose any of the following hot stamped color backgrounds: Black, Red, Green, Blue or Matte. For best results, we recommmend bold graphics with a color or matte background, text no smaller than 9 points.
Labels are supplied in rolls of 500 or 1,000 unless determined otherwise by our production facility.

Email us your address for samples.

If your applications require durability, long lasting color and exposure to the weather, try our line of high quality screen printed vinyl products, Custom Decals and Stickers.



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Photo of embossed-raised letter label with additional matte background
Matte Bkground
Photo of embossed-raised letter label without background
No Matte Bkground
Sample of silver foil label with matte background
No. 1882
1½" dia.
Sample of gold foil in 1½" diameter
No. 1061
1½" dia.
Sample of embossed-raised letter label - with green background
No. 1151
1½" x 1½"
Sample of custom embossed gold foil in ribbon award design
No. 1884
1 3/8" x 1 5/8"
Sample of gold embossed label with red background in shape of common 10 year anniversary stickers
No. 1885
1 3/16" x 1 ¼"
Sample of personalized gold foil raised letter label ideal for 25th anniversary labels
No. 1881
1¼" x 2½"
Sample of rectangle shaped silver foil label which is embossed and has blue background imprint
No. 1511
1½" x 2½"
Sample of oval shaped goodman and sons fine tailors gold embossed label with green background
No. 1257
1 3/8" x 2¾"
Sample of 2 inch round embossed silver label with matte background
No. 1113
2" dia.

Sample of 2" diameter gold embossed label with serrated edge
No. 1883
2" dia.


For more information about our custom embossed roll labels, please contact customer support.

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