Educational Festive Sticker Sheets
Personalized Educational Stickers

Show your appreciation by giving your customers, prospects or children these cheerful stickers. Each sheet contains removable stickers including an area for your custom message printed in black. Education Sticker Sheets are covered with colorful, illustrated characters that kids will love. Ideally suited for use by schools, civic groups, and law enforcement.

These educational stickers are a great way to send a little reminder home with your younger customers. Kids love stickers. So stickers that have a lesson in itself will be easy for kids to love. These can be great give-aways for doctor’s offices, dentists, or even a safety neighborhood meeting. Give kids a take home lesson on fire safety, recycling, patriotism, and nutrition. Also at the bottom of every sticker sheet, there is a spot for you. A place where you can say anything you would like. Perhaps a helpful reminder to your patient, “Don’t forget to brush after every meal.” Or you can use it for a place to promote your business. In which ever way you plan to use these fun sticker sheets, be sure to order more than enough so you can give out a couple extra. Help kids remember what they have been taught with a touch of fun they can take anywhere with them.

Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness when they receive these colorful, whimsical stickers. is a supplier of high quality flexo printed Laser Sticker Sheets. When you need an economical way to label your products, there is no substitute for flexo printed labels.

Sheet size is 3 3/4” x 8 3/4.” Printed on White Gloss Paper. Intended for indoor use only. Designs printed in flexo four-color process. Customer imprint is Black only on a 3/4” x 3” rectangular label.



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These whimsical, colorful stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface for indoor use. Reward stickers are the perfect answer for any organization that wants to build good will with parents.
sample of dont play with matches educational stickers freddie firefly
sample of dentist stickers butch cavity
sample of bicycle safety stick sheets
No. 5772
“Freddie Firefly”
No. 5771
“Butch Cavity”
No. 5773
“Bicycle Safety”
samples of good manners sticker sheet mannerly moose
sample of dont talk to strangers educational sticker sheet stranger danger
be patriotic with patty patriot educational sticker sheets
No. 5774
“Mannerly Moose”
No. 5775
“Stranger Danger”
No. 5776
“Patty Patriot”
good nutrition educational sticker sheets
sample of reward sticker sheets for protect our planet
sample of black americans educational sticker sheet
No. 5777
“Good Nutrition”
No. 5778
“Protect out Planet”
No. 5779
“Black Americans”


For more information about our Educational Sticker Sheets with custom imprint at bottom, please contact customer support.

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