Custom Butt-Cut Labels
Custom Designed Roll Labels

deSIGNery Sign Company is a supplier of high quality flexo printed Butt Cut Labels. When you need an economical way to label your products, there is no substitute for flexo printed labels.

If you’re looking for an attractive label but do not need rounded corners or if you are looking for a size that is not one of our standard sizes, then butt-cut labels may be just the right ones for you. Our custom butt-cut labels tend to run less per roll for the same size then our standard squares and rectangles Our custom roll labels can also be good for the use of labeling many products. A continuous peel with no paper in between creates a much quicker and easier application. Also if you cannot find the size you need to best the required area that you need, you can order butt-cut labels in any size in quarter inch increments! So if you are looking for a label that is moderately priced and high in quality, give butt-cut labels a try.

Choose up to six of our standard colors for your next butt-cut label project. Flexo-printed on pressure-sensitive White Gloss, White Matte, Yellow Gloss, Silver Foil, Gold Foil and the following fluorescent papers: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange. Use only Black ink on fluorescent papers. Unless otherwise indicated, a White Gloss paper will be used. White Matte must be used when writing or typing is required. Butt-cut labels are supplied in rolls of 500 or 1000 unless determined otherwise by our production facility.


If your applications require durability, long lasting color and exposure to the weather, try our line of high quality screen printed vinyl products, Custom Decals and Stickers.



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sample of custom butt-cut roll labels

Butt-Cut Labels are square cut and are available in increments of ¼inch. Price by determining square inches and refer to the corresponding price chart below.

Bleeds are not recommended. If bleeds are required, color will break where printing is joined together. Colors other than Black, Standard Red, or Standard Green cannot be printed on Yellow Gloss material. Red and green may become slightly lighter when on Yellow Gloss. For alternate colors, price the decal as White Gloss with the yellow background as an additional color.


For more information about our Custom Butt-Cut labels and Roll Labels, please contact customer support.

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