Animal Festive Sticker Sheets

We have selected our most popular shapes & sizes to make them convenient for you to order and at a very competitive price.

Show your appreciation by giving your customers, prospects or children these cheerful stickers. Each sheet contains removable stickers including an area for your custom message printed in black.

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These festive stickers will help you to advertise your business with your customers. Children will love animal stickers and even your grown customers can easily enjoy them. Use to hand our to customers when they enter or exit your store or you can have them set out at the check out area or customer service. Children will spot the cartoon stickers and want one or adults will look at them and think of a little someone who would enjoy them as reward stickers. By having customers pick a couple up and pass them out to relatives or friends because of the fun sticker designs, your business name is being passed out also. Having a fun advertisement such as these educational stickers, displays your store as a fun place to go with a great atmosphere.

The area in where your business name and information goes is also a sticker. This can come in handy for the customers buying products that could need a little attention later on. They could place this custom sticker on that product so they will always know where to call and get what they need.

The sticker sheet is then passed on to their child so they can have loads of fun placing them on almost every smooth surface in their house. Children will want their parents to go back to your store so they can get more of these animal stickers. These cartoon sticker sheets, also known as a form of a business card, will have your customers coming back and have new customers come to check out your place of business and pick up a few reward stickers for themselves.

Assorted Designs At No Extra Charge!

Sheet size is 3 3/4” x 8 3/4.” Printed on White Gloss Paper. Intended for indoor use only. Designs printed in flexo four-color process. Customer imprint is Black only on a 3/4” x 3” rectangular label.

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These whimsical, colorful stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface for indoor use. Reward stickers are the perfect answer for any organization that wants to build good will with parents.
Positively Pets  Animal Festive Sticker Sheets
Silly Sea Life cartoon stickers
No. 5784
“Positively Pets”
No. 5785
“Silly Sea Life”
Barnyard educational stickers
Dinomania reward stickers
No. 5788
No. 5790

For more information about our Animal Festive Sticker Sheets with custom imprint at bottom, please contact customer support. A Minimum of 250 must be ordered. You can order 250 Positively Pets reward stickers, 500 Silly Sea Life cartoon stickers, 250 Barnyard animal stickers and 500 Dinomania educational stickers all with the same imprint and pay the 1500 price with no additional charges.

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